Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe Review Tuesday #7 (Brooks Green Silence)

Brooks Green Silence
Support Category: Neutral/Racing
Weight: 6.9 oz
Cost: $100
Available in Widths: No
Multiple Colors Available: Yes
Durability: 250-300 miles
Updates from Previous Model: Original!
Upper: Lightweight, minimal, and meshy
Arch Height: Low
Heel-Toe Drop: 8 mm (21mm-13mm)

Shoe Specs
The Green Silence is a one of a kind shoe in that it is made from 75% recycled materials. The shoe as a whole is extremely eco-friendly. It uses 38% less solvent in glue and overlays, has non-toxic dyes and colorants, and contains 100% recycled shoelaces and webbing. Plus it is made with BioMoGo, which is the first ever biodegradable running shoe midsole, hence the name Green Silence.
A view at the lacing system
  • Heel- The Green Silence has a nice heel grip without being restricting. There isn't any room for play in the heel, but it doesn't feel like it's grabbing you. It gives a sense of security along with a minimal and light grip. The heel collar sits very low, so you don't have to worry about it rubbing on your Achilles or ankles.
  • Instep- Utilizing a sewn in tongue and alternative lacing system, the Green Silence really provides a customizable fit on the instep. Perhaps the best feature about the shoe is that no matter how loose you keep your laces, the shoe is immobile, meaning there is no slipping or sliding. 
  • Toebox- More on the narrow side, but not in a negative way. The toebox comes in and closes up pretty quick at the end, but it doesn't make the shoe feel narrow. It definitely runs true to width, but it doesn't allow for a lot of extra space. Keep in mind this is a competition shoe, and it is designed to hug the foot to stay the lightest weight possible.
  • Flexibility- Very flexible midsole, but it has enough rigidity to provide support to the foot. Bendy in the toe, this shoe gives a full range of flex no matter where you toe off in your gait cycle.
  • Cushion- 4 out of 10. This shoe is not super soft, it provides more of a "feel the road" sensation. In terms of impact absorption, this shoe is great, 9 out of 10, but on the soft scale, it will stay a 4. Despite being rigid, the shoe has a surprising spring in the step, making it a really good shoe for longer distances as well as shorter ones.
A Little Personal
I was very excited to try out this shoe. In every marathon and half marathon I have done in the past year and a half, I have seen the Green Silence on an elite's foot. In my eyes, if the elites wear it, it must be a good shoe, right? Right. I recently raced a half marathon in this shoe and it felt great. My half and full marathon shoe before has been the Brooks Launch, but since I have been racing a bunch of shorter distance races this past summer, I'm used to really lightweight shoes. The Green Silence is a good compromise to the lightweight/durable debate. It is light enough where you can actually tell a difference on your foot, but it also has enough cushion to it so your feet aren't aching at the end of a 13.1 mile race. In addition to my race, I have done several speed workouts on both track and grass and it holds up very well! Even when the shoe gets wet from dew or accidentally spilling water on it, the porous upper wicks it away in a flash, keeping my feet dry and slip resistant. Reasons I like this shoe:
  • Weight, 6.9 oz feels like I have nothing on at all!
  • Fit, this shoe has one of the best overall fits I have ever owned. The sewn in tongue makes the upper smooth everywhere, and the lack of overlays means you won't feel any seams in the shoe. Plus they did a fantastic job on the lacing system making it fit perfectly on your foot every time
  • Durability, typically with a racing flat, you get low mileage, but the buildup of midsole in the shoe makes it not only last longer, but make it a good option for longer distances as well.
Overall this shoe gets a 9 out of 10 for me. There really isn't anything I don't like about it. I'm saving that 10 out of 10 for the shoe that makes me go "This is the one," so that is why it doesn't get perfect marks from me. But this really is a great racing shoe, from 5k to full marathon, it will get you to the finish line. A little known fact for you, Scott Jurek broke the American record for the 24 hour run in this shoe, running a remarkable 162.46 miles. Follow in Scott's footsteps and live The Life of a Runner.


  1. Can I ask if the shoe can last a full marathon distance? the 42km? Thanks

  2. Yes it definitely can, I just wouldn't do too many in them before replacing it.